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In just under a weeks time, I will be getting ready to take on my first ever proper sponsored ‘run’ for charity. You’d think I would have opted for a gentle walk / jog around a local park to ease myself into the world of what I would call ‘crazy running people’ wouldn’t you? Well… not exactly.

At 3pm next Saturday I will be standing at the starting line of a 6k Dirty Dozen obstacle race with Sean, our family and friends and I am not going to lie, the thought of the whole thing sends terror through my veins. I am not the fittest person you’ll ever meet. I get out of breath walking up the stairs and as a teenager I went to literally any effort to get myself out of having to do PE at school. Getting hot & sweaty, in that sense anyway, has never really appealed to me. Sure I’d love to be one of these women who gracefully jog around the village with their skinny minny bums and not a hair or eyelash out of place resembling a beautifully skipping deer but when put into practice I’m more of a hot mess holding onto the lamp post while my chest caves in. Add to this my somewhat girly and squeamish attitude to getting muddy & dirty and you should be able to fathom how much of a challenge this whole thing is going to be for me.

Why? you might ask. Trust me, I am asking it over and over again. But I’m going to do it in the hope that somewhere along the way the hour or two of utter hell that faces me will make a difference to someone else. This ‘race’ will be the first real challenge I take on to kick off my #KnowYourNormal campaign and raise a little bit of money for the charities who work tirelessly to encourage women to know what’s normal for them and report any changes. The charities who save lives day after day after day.

So brace yourself for plenty of photos of me looking ridiculous in a silly T-shirt, covered head to foot in mud, hair stuck to my head and just about breathing this time next week. But in the mean time, give your boobs a grope, track your period or count those baby kicks for me. Just to be safe. Know your Normal. And if you want to sponsor my efforts, you can do so here. I’ll love you forever.

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