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When I set about my mission to find 12 women willing to be a part of the Know your Normal calendar, there was one person I knew I could count on without any question. My mother in law (to be) is the only person who didn’t even falter when I asked, she just said ‘Yep, I’ll do it.’ and then she proceeded to rope her Mum & my sister in law (to be) in too! Suddenly this idea of mine had gone from a passing comment to Sean in the adverts of CSI and a quick chat with Sarah to work out the logistics to something that might actually happen. Mandy believed in my vision from the get go and I’m so grateful to her for giving me the confidence to just do it. So anyway, enough from me, here’s her story.

When Ami approached me about the Know Your Normal campaign and the charities she wanted to support I knew I would be behind her 100%. Women to tend to just get on with things and I knew that this campaign had the potential to change that and encourage women to put their own health first.Mandy Mall Collage
At the beginning of this year I noticed that I was becoming very tired all the time and having broken sleep every night. I know and I’m constantly reminded that I work long hours (12 hour shifts can take their toll sometimes)  but I just knew that this time it was more than the normal work fatigue. I’m a bit of a fitness freak but I hadn’t even had the energy to go the Gym lately which has always been my haven.
By the time May came around enough was enough and I booked an appointment to see my GP. At my appointment we discussed my symptoms and he asked about my blood pressure. The last time I’d had my blood pressure taken was 11 years ago – the last time I’d been to see a doctor!
The BP results came back fine and the conversation turned to how I was feeling mentally.  Perhaps I was just feeling low because my children were growing up and leaving home and I had reached a certain age where my hormones would be all over the place!? He was going down the depression route! How easy it would have been for me to just take the bite and get put on anti depressants.
Finally after two visits to the nurse they ran some blood tests which revealed that the menopause was probably contributing to my moods along with a very low B12 count and low vitamin D.
It was so nice to know that I wasn’t going mad and imagining how I was feeling.
We’re in the process of finding an appropriate treatment – I’m just so glad I trusted my instincts and pushed for more tests to be run.
mandy collage
*Feature image courtesy of Samantha Kay Photography who helped capture what went on behind the scenes of our calendar photo shoot. 

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