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A few months ago, I was chatting with some friends over drinks and we got talking about things we’ve always wanted to do but just didn’t have the confidence, money or cause to do so and the topic of doing a ‘sexy’ photoshoot came up. We all agreed how empowering it would be, how much of a laugh we’d have but quickly talked ourselves out of the whole idea at the thought of our wobbly bits being on show and that we would probably feel like total plums posing in front of the camera and so we moved on, drank more cocktails, made our ways home and forgot all about it. And then Know Your Normal happened.

If you didn’t already know, Know Your Normal is a women’s health campaign designed to encourage women to get to grips with what’s normal for them and their own body, be it their boobs, periods, unborn baby’s movements or anything else, so they can confidently report any changes and report them to a medical professional. Our message is this: Know Your Normal, Report any Changes, Save Your Life. Simple as that really.

I’ve been brainstorming fun ways in which I could raise as much money & awareness of the #KnowYourNormal campaign as possible while at the same time including women who others could relate to. And then the lightbulb in my brain went…’Bing!’ A charity calendar, targeted at women featuring women. Perfectly normal, everyday, beautiful, sexy women, all with their very own story of ‘normal’ to share. And I knew the exact person I needed to help me – Sarah Sadler.

Sarah is a photographer, She runs Red Shoe and I first heard of her through a friend who booked her for a shoot to celebrate her 40th birthday. Ever since Heather shared her gorgeous pictures & experience on Facebook, I’ve been totally and utterly in awe of Sarah’s work and her ability to give women the confidence and willpower to sit in front of the camera and feel sexy and wonderful and powerful, and without a hint of page three glamour. Her photos are admired by women like you & I, and encourage us to get to grips with the fact that regardless of age, size or background women are beautiful.

When I contacted her about my idea for the calendar I was a little nervous, but she was lovely and sounded just as excited as I am about the whole idea. She agreed and we set a date! Next, I had to find a sponsor to cover the cost of the hair & makeup and Sarah’s time. Just when I thought I might have to  raid my house savings and maybe rob a small bank (I joke!), the wonderful ladies at Pink Parcel got in touch. They have agreed to not only sponsor the entire calendar shoot, but would like to support the  Know Your Normal campaign throughout the year! Squee!WEBSITE FOOTER

And so over the last couple of weeks, Sarah & I have been busy planning a kick ass, amazing two day shoot featuring 12 fabulously gorgeous women of ages ranging from 21 – 80, of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and stories.

On the 8th June, myself and the rest of the ‘girls’ will be travelling up to Sarah’s Chester studio and we are so excited!!

All proceeds from the calendar once it goes on sale in October will go to Kicks Count & Coppafeel UK.

I Will introduce you to the full calendar girls team in an upcoming post, I promise!

For more information about how you can get involved and help spread the word about Know Your Normal and help support some fantastic women’s health causes click here or search #knowyournormal on social media.

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