Debbie’s Story | “It felt like a tiny pin pricking sensation “

Hey lovelies, as you know the #KnowYourNormal campaign is in full swing, and as part of that I am asking people to share their normal! Today I’m handing the keyboard over to a family friend and Mum of three, Debbie, who is currently undergoing treatment for Secondary Breast Cancer in the liver. Here she shares her  story to help raise awareness of how important it is to know what’s normal for you.  

Hi my name is Debbie. My story started in 2010 when I discovered a lump in my breast. It felt like a tiny pin pricking sensation and which alerted me initially to the area, and I felt a small hard lump.

I was extremely worried but knew that it wasn’t something I could ignore, so I made an appointment to see my GP.

My GP sent me to the Breast Clinic where I underwent a mammogram, only to be taken straight back in for another one. After that, I was taken straight to a private room and was told that it was Breast Cancer.

At this point I think I was in shock as I didn’t expect it to all happen so quickly. The Consultant and nurses were so lovely and supportive, and the next few months were totally taken up with medical appointments and surgery. I had to have a lumpectomy to remove the cancer and some surrounding tissue and the sentinel node removed from my armpit. After analysis of that node it indicated that the cancer cells had spread to the nodes, so I had to have all the nodes in my armpit removed. The tests revealed that my cancer was type 2, so not slow growing but not the fastest either. 3 weeks later I started 6 cycles of chemotherapy and then I had to have 13 sessions of radiotherapy to the breast area. My Oncologist and all the nursing staff were there for my every step of the way and were always happy to help if I needed anything.

My family and friends were amazing, watching me go through all of that must have been so hard for them all knowing there is nothing they can do, but having them there supporting me was the best thing they could have done.

Find out more about how you can support the #KnowYourNormal campaign here. 

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