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You know those girl friends who know everything about you, inside & out? Well meet Tasha. As well as my SIL I am lucky to consider her a dear friend and you can be sure that when the need arises we are often found chatting about periods, boobs, future pregnancies and pretty much everything else. It’s safe to say that we share ‘our normal’ and any changes or irregularities we notice with each other, so when she agreed to be a part of the KYN Calendar it was great to know that she would totally relate to the message of the campaign.

When Ami first approached me about being one of the Know Your Normal Calendar Girls I was a bit apprehensive as I am not really a photo person, but as it was for such a good charity and one that related to my family, I helped out.
My Nan had breast cancer many years ago and had a masectomy and so I’ve seen the effects that breast cancer can have on a person and how important it is that changes to your breasts are spotted early.
At the beginning of the year I myself a pain in my left breast, I couldn’t feel anything myself but to be honest I didn’t really know what i was looking for. When the pain didn’t go away, I booked in to see my GP who asked me a few family history questions, and then she asked me to sit on the bed and she felt around.
The doctor did say she could feel something (which made my heart drop)  but as my period was due she asked that I waited for that to pass and go back to see her in 4 weeks time. Those four weeks felt like a lifetime of waiting. Luckily for me it was only something to do hormones as the doctor couldn’t feel anything on my second visit to see her.
On the 19th August I will be climbing over the Millenium Dome to raise money for Know Your Normal. If you would like to sponsor me, please do so here.
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The Know Your Normal Calendar is now available to purchase here. At least £5 from the sale of each calendar will be sent to our chosen charities – Coppafeel! & Kicks Countimage1 (14)

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