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Apparently, sourcing a visibly pregnant woman in June is harder than one might think. With just a couple of weeks to go until the shoot, lovely Jude stepped in to fill one the bump spots after seeing my plea on the Kicks Count facebook page. Jude was one of three of the Calendar Girls I had not previously met but as soon as she walked through the doorway of Sarah’s studio any worries of awkwardness quickly left and were replaced by an almighty sense of calm. When Jude first contacted me she told me of her friend whose baby had recently been born sleeping and how doing something like this, raising awareness of the importance of monitoring baby’s movements, was the only thing she could think of that might stop the same thing happening to others.  At 34 weeks pregnant Jude and her beautiful bump were there to help save the lives of women and their babies. And together they meant business. Here’s her story.

Each of the below women are inspirational in their own right & each of them driving my desire to raise awareness & shout out loud “trust your instincts, know your body, Know Your Normal” so when something doesn’t feel right, you have the confidence to say “something isn’t right & I know it’s not right”.

– Let’s begin with Sarah. One of my childhood friends who very sadly lost her long battle with breast cancer, aged just 30. Not months before Sarah gained her angel wings, she raised over £10,000 and much needed awareness of breast cancer by taking on the challenge of The Great Wall of China!

– My partners mum who lost her battle to cancer and although I never had the chance to meet her, I know she would have made an amazing Grandma to our baby who is due on 5th August of this year!

– Both my auntie & a good friend who both kicked breast cancer into touch through early detection. My friend Clare is in the process of educating people on ‘how to check your breasts’ and what to look out for, no matter how obvious or obscure the signs are.

– A friend I recently met who very sadly lost her little boy, Baby Beau, when he was born sleeping. Ruth is now tirelessly campaigning to raise awareness of & funds for cuddle cots so that other parents have the chance to spend time with their angel babies, something Ruth and her family did not have.

Stand strong, ‘Count those Kicks’, ‘CoppaFeel’, raise awareness and let’s save more lives!

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