Becka tells us why she is proud to support the Know Your Normal Campaign

Earlier this month, lovely Becka from In Real Life shared a video on their youtube channel all about the Know Your Normal campaign and why she is so proud to be supporting us.

“These days, you see a lot of people in social media groups confiding in each other and asking ‘Is this normal?”Is that normal?’ and the importance of this campaign is to know what is normal for you as an individual.”

“When I was pregnant with Sophie, I had to go into hospital because of reduced movements and both times they asked me whether I had felt her move. I had, but as I had tracked her movements and her daily pattern I’d noticed quickly that her movements were reduced which set off alarm bells.”

You can find out more about Becka’s reasons for spreading the word about Know Your Normal and her thoughts on our period tracker in the video below.

You can follow the In Real Life team on twitter & facebook.

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