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Today I am delighted to introduce Cat, our second resident mama to be who took part in our charity calendar. I was thrilled when I received the email to say that Cat wanted to be a part of our project. Out of all of us, the causes we are supporting are the most close to home for her as her sister is the CEO of Kicks Count and is currently kicking breast cancer in the butt! 

During my shoot the wonderful Sarah told me to think about why I’m here and to tell my story through my photo and what I was feeling, at that point I thought about two outstanding Elizabeth’s in my life. My sister, CEO of Kicks Count and my mum, all round superwoman. The two most important women in my life have faced cancer with grace, courage and a unique sense of humor. I’m very proud to call them my family and as I thought of them, my hands were on my bump, my own little miracle. My sisters angel boy Toby is in my heart and inspires me to live by the Kicks Count message. Their message is to empower mums to be with knowledge and confidence and I can’t find better words to describe how I felt at that point. I felt like I was the sixth Spice Girl, girl power all the way! I’ve never been much of a girly girl but it’s amazing how strong women can make you feel so feminine. I knew I was also surrounded by strong women at this shoot and each of them have a story to tell. And we told each other, in vivid detail, about our boobs, periods, mood swings, cramps, bumps, it was liberating and I encourage all women to not be shy and to talk. You’d be amazed at how comforting it can be.  
I’m supporting three wonderful charities, Know your Normal, Kicks Count and Coppafeel because I can see first hand how they make a difference. Get to know your normal, count those kick sessions and cop a good feel of your boobs, It’s time to feel empowered! 

Cat Collage

You can now purchase the Know Your Normal Charity Calendar here. 

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